A Redcar student has shared her delight after her artwork made the iconic cult comic Viz.

Kirsty Stebbings saw her very own illustrated comic strip, called Toffee Penny, featured in the Christmas edition after having been asked to contribute to it by co-editor Graham Dury.

Her story focuses on a character who sets out to collect everybody’s leftover sweets from Christmas to set a Guinness World Record only to be outdone by a boy who has collected Liquorice Allsorts.

“It was exciting to see that I finally made it into Viz. It was surreal but cool,” she told Teesside Live. “I went to Tesco on the way to university when it was published to get a copy. It was weird getting it off the shelf and giving it to the sales assistant. I just thought, ‘I’m in this.’

“I’ve been drawing since I was 11. I’m 22 now and seeing that growth is fantastic. I’ve always been a big cartoon fan. My mum got me into cartoons and comics and my dad read Viz as a teenager. I think it’s really cool that they were reading that at my age and now I’m in it.”

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