Who Are We?

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Our Football Club is a member of the Northern League (Division 1) and plays it’s games at Green Lane in Redcar in our purpose-built ground. We are an ambitious, well-grounded club with an active, forward-thinking board of directors.

Broadly speaking, we have two inter-dependent ambitions as a Club.

Firstly, we are an active “Community Club”, and we want to contribute to making Redcar a better place to live, work and play. We love our town, and our community, and we will always passionately support and defend those people who live here. We want to create opportunities for children, men and women to get involved in making our community even better. As a club, we know our area might not benefit from the type of glamourous investment that other areas get, but that makes us more and more determined to “level-up” for ourselves. As a Club, our values are firmly grounded in “Common Decency” and that is a theme that runs through all of our activities locally. We will always strive to create the most welcoming environment possible for visitors, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Similarly, we want to maintain our role as a challenging, campaigning club, that consistently seeks to do right by others.

Secondly, as a Football Club, we want to advance on the pitch as well. We are run sustainably, but will not shy away from investing in the success of the club on the pitch – we recognise that success on the pitch will also bring greater rewards and a higher profile for our wonderful community. We have an active Junior section, for both boys and girls, and a rapidly improving women’s team – and the successes we achieve at ANY level make us enormously proud. We want those boys and girls to progress as footballers and also as citizens in this community, and whilst we recognise that uncovering players who make it professionally is always difficult, we take our role in their personal development just as seriously.

Redcar can be better than it is, both as a town and as a cohesive community. Redcar Athletic will be a part of that change, now, and for years to come.

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