Carl Jarrett praised the attitudes of his Steelmen, as two Jack Blackford goals snatched the spoils from the grasp of a valiant Whickham.

A sending off apiece shifted the finely balanced momentum in favour of the men in red and navy, the Lang Jacks’ biggest threat in Scott Robson making way, as too Redcar captain Kevin Burgess.

A competitive opening of equal endeavour, Redcar arguably saw the better of play in the way of chances, testing the resolve of shot-stopper Neil Bussey, but ultimately behind to a neat Scott Robson finish at the half.

An unsavoury fracas saw the Whickham number nine sent for an early shower, with Kevin Burgess too dismissed for violent conduct, as a change in shape perhaps benefited the Steelmen.

Layton Watts laid on for Jack Blackford to restore parity, the forward duo again in action as the latter sealed a well-taken double to turn the tide of a tough afternoon on the south bank of the Tyne.


Keen to stress his side were on top, Carl Jarrett admitted he was relieved to see the back of the tough encounter.

The boss praised the efforts and attitudes of his squad, however threadbare, proud to see a purple patch continue through many a stern test.

I’m glad that one is over.

To be fair, I can’t fault the lads’ attitudes. Even from minute one, I thought that we dominated the game, it’s just they had that threat with Scott Robson upfront.

As you can see, the way that they play on this pitch, how he plays, it’s very direct. We always said that was going to cause us a problem.

I think we made the mistake of one of our players not putting the ball back into the area, and we’ve been caught on the break. It was a great finish to be fair.

I still think we dominated the ball. I didn’t think we were at our fluent self – keeping the ball, splitting them, playing out from the back – in the first half, but the lads reckon the far side of the pitch was very boggy, and it was hard.

It was good to see us then try to move the ball very quickly.

That’s what we asked at halftime. We didn’t think we were out of the game. We just asked them to keep moving the ball into those key areas.

We didn’t expect what happened, obviously, with the sending offs, but it did for some reason help us along the way, with the way that we were playing.

I guess it took their biggest threat off as well.

To be fair to the lads, we just kept plugging away and plugging away, putting balls in good areas, and I just thought the lads were nonstop, constantly. Working hard for each other.

That’s another thing I said at halftime. We had to keep working hard for each other. It’s the biggest demand in the changing room whilst I’m running it, you have to work hard.

It’s a given really, but there are some lads who play football tools down. These lads are giving everything they can.

We’ve got to remember we’ve come here again with eleven men. We’ve did have three on the bench today. Jack Harrison, whose just come back after about nine, ten weeks, and we’ve just signed on Jack Williams.

For those eleven men to put on a show yet again, for five wins under the belt, is just superb. It’s hats off to them.

They just keep on plugging away, buying into how we want them to play, and I honestly can’t fault them.


Arguably the defining moment on a finely balanced afternoon, the dismissal of Whickham’s greatest threat, and Redcar’s captain, had a great baring on the remainder of play.

Carl Jarrett conceded that he hadn’t seen much of the fracas, but bemoaned the absence of Kevin Burgess, who he affirned would prove a great miss amidst what continues of a grave injury crisis.

To be honest, I’ve seen the ball go over the top, I’ve seen Kev (Burgess) and him (Scott Robson) fall and have a clash on the floor, then they got up and I’ve just seen handbags.

There’s a couple of people that said there was a lot of pushing and things like that. These things happen in games.

I think the referee, to be fair to him, could have just given them each a yellow, a ticking off, but I don’t know if hands were raised.

I haven’t really seen it, so it’s hard for me to comment on something that I haven’t seen.

Kev is going to be a big miss, that’ll be a three match ban for him. I haven’t spoke to him yet, but, you know, it’s another player down, which is something we don’t really need at the present minute.

I’ve got lads starting to do straight running, Sparky (Mark Anderson), (Joe) Fergie and (Anthony) Belly. Leebo (O’Sullivan) is nowhere near yet, and we know about Adam (Wheatley) being done for the season.


On the scoresheet for the first time since his winter move to don the red and navy, Jack Blackford’s double changed the affair come the second half of play.

The boss was keen to stress the importance of the midfielder to his side, offering high praise for both his performance against Whickham, and his ability to influence matches across the division.

Everyone knows I’ve had Jack before. He’s one of those ‘sevens,’ we call them, out wide.

He’s very influencing on the game sometimes, and then sometimes he goes missing.

I’ve brought him in here to give him a run of games, to get his form to the peak of what he can do. Jack is a top, top player at this level, easily. He just needs to believe in himself a lot more.

He needs to do the work which we want him to do, which is hard work, and he got his reward, he’s made two great finishes today.

He’s a great kid to have around the changing rooms, and he fits in to the style of play that we want.

I’m glad to have Jack here.


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