The thoughts of Carl Jarrett on season 2023/24.

A season marred by both inconsistency and injury, and one First Team boss Carl Jarrett aptly summed up as ‘frustrating,’ and ‘hit and miss.’

Two weeks after the chaos, and a bitter finale defeat to Bishop Auckland, the boss took a look back at the 2023/24 season, offering his thoughts on his efforts as a whole.

The former Marske United man took to the helm in January, seeing in the club’s most successful spell of the season, yet forced to mediate a crippling injury crisis too.

Season finale brings HAT-TRICK of senior debuts

The Steelmen towards the foot of the division, fresh off the back of a stinging defeat to Penrith (the less said about that one the better), the new boss certainly had his work cut out for him when arriving at Green Lane.

Carl Jarrett described his first few weeks on the job as ‘frustrating,’ admitting it was a greater challenge than what he originally expected.

“If I’m honest, it was very up and down.” He said. “It’s been very frustrating.”

“It was very hard to come into a group that were already settled with the ex-manager.

“To add to that, there was lots of things I had to try and change around within weeks. To try and move lads on to help the situation that the club was in, and to make some signings of my own.

“It was a very tricky part of the season, let’s say.”

Despite the adversity, the new boss saw some success in the transfer market, turning such into success on the pitch.

Redcar Athletic strung together a run of SEVEN games unbeaten, including FIVE wins in a row on the comfort of home soil.

Jarrett said: “I was lucky enough to try and bring a couple of lads in that I wanted, and earlier than I thought I would.”

“We started down. I think we won our first, and then lost two. Then won one, and another one, then we’ve gone and got beat. It was hit and miss.

“Eventually we worked out the style that we wanted to play, that we could instil into the players, and then we had a run of about seven games unbeaten.

“With eleven men, believe it or not!”

A theme consistent throughout Carl Jarrett’s four month tenure at Green Lane, injuries arguably brought an end to the club’s outside chance at a promotion push.

The boss lost out on the services of Adam Wheatley, Liam O’Sullivan, Anthony Bell, Danny Boyle, Joe Ferguson, and Mark Anderson, with a further few forced to play on through the pain barrier.

More than frustrated to be dealt a diminished squad at such a crucial time, Jarrett admitted it all but killed the last shred of hope at a positive end to the campaign.

“We got hit with about five or six injuries.” He said. “Lads that were out for weeks, not days. That killed us a little bit.”

“We started getting players back, but by that time, the season was sort of done. We couldn’t win anything, we couldn’t get anywhere.

“It became almost a pre-season friendly in some of our games.

“The lads have all been spoken to about that. About what our expectations are.

“It’s frustrating, it’s been incredibly frustrating, but, we picked up some decent points in the second half of the season, and that I’m happy about.”


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