Simpkin departs the role after a successful five year tenure.

Redcar Athletic can confirm Reserve Team Manager Steve Simpkin has elected to step down from the role.

Steve will continue to serve as the club’s Junior Section Secretary, but will no longer coach a senior side.

A fruitful five year tenure at the helm of the club’s second team, Steve steps down with a plethora of successes under his belt.

Most notably, Steve championed the Reserves to Step Seven football, but two years after the first team had occupied the same step on the pyramid.

Upon his decision to depart the role ahead of a new campaign, Steve Simpkin penned the following statement.

Picture of Steve Simpkin

Steve Simpkin

Former Reserve Team Manager, and Junior Section Secretary

“After five years in charge of the Reserves Team, I feel it is time for a change for me personally, as a manager and coach.

Running the Reserves has been a really enjoyable time, and I step down taking great pride in what I and the other coaches involved achieved.

We steered the Reserves to promotion into the Step Seven NRFL Premier Division, doing so just two seasons after our Senior First Team were playing at that level.

We have also brought a large number of young players through the team, who have gone on to play Northern League football either with our first team or elsewhere within the league, something of which I am immensely proud.

However, due to the way in which the FA structure non-league football, the Reserves are currently prevented from gaining promotion into Step Six. This not only makes it extremely challenging to keep attracting players (as all young players want to be in a position where they can progress) but also means as a manager and coach my own desire to challenge myself is inhibited.

I also feel that as a club we are some years away from being in a position where a Step six Second Team is a feasible option, and for these two primary reasons, I have decided to step down.

I do hope to see the Reserves Team thriving in the 2024/25 season and beyond, I truly believe having a team at this level is essential to a club of our size, not only for supporting the First Team, but also making sure we as a community club are providing attainable pathways into adult football for our junior section.

We best do this by having senior teams at as many levels as we can possibly manage; Reserves, U23s, U21s, Ladies, Disabled, Over 35s, I’d love to see us cater for all.

I’d like to be emphatically clear that my decision is purely based on my own management and coaching role, it in NO WAY changes my position or commitment to the club in my role as Junior Secretary.

I remain committed to ensuring every decision taken by the club has our Junior Section at it’s very core and will continue to be as heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the junior section, as I am now.

I simply won’t be running a senior team within the club going forward.“

Further to Steve Simpkin’s statement, Managing Director Ryan McKnight added: “On behalf of the football club. I want to thank Steve for everything he has done for the Reserves.”

“I am looking forward to continuing to help build the club with Steve and push forward on the fantastic Junior programme we have, and the facilities we are always looking to improve.

“As a club we are blessed to have a number of people who give up an incredible amount of time, even beyond their roles in the club. Steve is one of those guys. He cares passionately about Redcar Athletic and is a massive asset to us.”

The club will be making a further statement on the Senior playing structure in the coming weeks.


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