From Green Lane to South Africa - Redcar Athletic have clocked up the miles again (at least our kit has!)

Outfield and goalkeeper shirts were sent to Napier, a rural village in the Overberg region of South Africa, by Angela and Nicky Bowers.

The kits were well received by the kids, who were seen dancing and chanting whilst donning Steelmen colours. Some of them were excited to be given a squad number too!

Back in November, Steelmen fan Debbie Perera was flying the flag for Redcar in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup, and even received coverage for bringing a small piece of home with her as she supported the Three Lions.

Now, thanks to Angela and Nicky, the club have added their colours to South Africa.

We loved seeing the kids’ excitement as they received their shirts and we hope they enjoy a small piece of our club.

See below for photos.

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