Quarter final success proved little relief for Carl Jarrett, who berated his thin squad’s poor performance.

The Redcar boss admitted play was far below standards on Tuesday night, as the Steelmen narrowly bested Wearside League outfit, Richmond Town.

Redcar Athletic led the tie come the thirteenth minute through somewhat of a mistake, as Mark Anderson’s deep cross inadvertently nestled in the far stanchion.

Carl Jarrett – like many – believed the Steelmen would ride a wave of momentum and ‘kick on’ from such a positive start. Unfortunately, much the opposite transpired.

As play resumed and the two sides swapped ends, Richmond ploughed forward with the wind to boot, making serious inroads into a lacklustre backline, luckily, come the final whistle, to no avail.


Relieved to have sealed a spot in the WOODSmith Construction Senior Cup semifinals, Jarrett was unhappy with almost every other facet of a match far from a classic.

The boss both criticised under-par performances, and grieved a lack of options, admitting the squad was far from where he wished it, with work still to be done.

I don’t know where to start really.

We knew we were struggling for numbers from the start, before we even got here, because of people being cup-tied, and players getting injured.

To be fair, I thought the first fifteen minutes we dominated the game. We kept the ball well, we kept it moving well, we got shots off…

The goal we’ve scored? It’s a cross-come-shot sort of thing from ‘Sparky,’ but still, you just think, “we’ll kick on from here.”

At halftime, I told them not to invite them (Richmond Town) to the party, but unfortunately, they sent invitations out to them all, didn’t they?

I thought they were the far better team in the second half.

I said to the lads in the changing room after the game, there was three positives in there.

One, they (Richmond Town) didn’t score any of the six chances that they had in that second half.

Second, Adam Wheatley was back after nine-ten weeks. The way he played was fantastic, to be fair to him.

And thirdly, that we got through to the next round.

That realistically sums up both that game and where we are at.

No disrespect to ‘Wheats,’ but having your captain come back in after ten weeks, and being to best player on the park?

That second half was no where near the standards that we are trying to set at this club.


A second triumph at home in four short days nonetheless, Redcar Athletic scooped a spot in the competition semifinals, building upon Saturday’s duly grafted three points.

Drawn to face Boro Rangers in the final four, Jarrett conceded that new players may have to be brought in to bolster such a slim squad, whether from afar, or from the ranks of the club’s Reserves.

We need to look at our squad, as in, that cup competition squad.

Everyone knows, they’re not stupid, they can see what’s going on. There’s been a big turnaround of the squad here.

Looking forward into that next cup game (Boro Rangers), we’ve maybe got to get our heads together with the board.

We’ll look to see if we can bring a few players in that we are allowed to play, and get them in the squad.

Or, we look at the Reserves, like we did tonight with Charlie.

I know we didn’t use him, but thank god he came into the squad.


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