The fan-favourite manned the hot-seat for the first instalment in the popular series.

Redcar born and bred, Isaac Walker is perhaps the finest prodigy the club have ever produced.

Hot off the back of a stellar season, and once again topping the internal tables, Isaac was chosen as the perfect opening to Ask the Steelmen, a fresh column in the club’s official matchday programme, then named Red Roar.

Fans were offered the opportunity to pit questions of their own to the energetic winger, who faced the tirade under the duress of the rest of the squad.

The following is the unabridged interview exclusive to the club’s former matchday programme, Red Roar, included Saturday 3rd September 2022…

We asked leading goalscorer and fan-favourite Isaac Walker some of your questions, under the watchful eye of the rest of the squad…

What is it like being the best player in the world?

I think you’ll have to go and ask Max McGuckin for that one.

What is it like being a fan favourite?

I don’t really think about it to be honest. I just play footy. I don’t think it really crosses my mind.

What is your goal target for the season?

Probably just to beat last year. I’m honestly not really too bothered about my stats, just as long as we as a team improve on last year.

Who inspired you to be a footballer when you were younger?

Probably my Mam and Dad. Oh, and Ronaldinho.

Do you have any ambitions to play at a higher level?

Yeah, when the opportunity is right, and if I get one, I suppose. It really does need to be the right time and the right place though.

Do you prefer home games, or away games?

Home games, we’re not great away.

Who is the best player you have ever played alongside?

Lee Farrington. Actually, you might have to put Jordan Rivis for that one (question may have been answered under duress from certain former Steelmen).

What is the worst injury you’ve had as a result of playing football?

I don’t think I’ve actually been injured. I don’t really get injured as I don’t really put any tackles in.

What’s your favourite match you’ve played in in a Redcar shirt?

Probably Consett at home last year, the one where we won 2-1. I think that was a good one.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Dua Lipa.

What is your favourite cereal?

Probably Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes.

And finally, Matty Bell wants your autograph?

Hahaha. Tell him he can’t afford it.

Almost a year and a half on, much has changed, both in the career of Isaac Walker and upon the Redcar seafront. Perhaps a refresh is in order?

To get involved in the next instalment of Ask the Steelmen, keep an eye on the club’s official social media feeds…


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