"We want to win every game."

Just three matches yet to play in a season of ambivalent fortunes, Redcar Athletic this weekend visit the home of Newcastle Benfield, and despite a lack of pressure, Jack Blackford believes the squad have enough desire to grind out a win.

Part of Carl Jarrett’s roster for just two months, Blackford has quickly established himself as a crowd favourite, befit with fancy footwork, masses of endeavour, and four goal contributions to his name.

Despite an inconsistency in results, the forward has reaped a great deal of personal success from his short tenure, admitting his minutes in play have been more than rewarding. 

“It’s been very up and down since I joined in February,” the forward conceded.

“Coming to the end of the season, I think there is lots of positives to take, but I know it has been hard for us with a small squad, a lot of injuries, and lads frustrated being sidelined.

“As a group, the players we have, I know us and the management do demand high standards from ourselves, every game we play.

“I think for me, personally, I’m grateful to have played as many games as I have. I just want to take good form, and I feel I have done that in spells, and take it into the end of the season, and continue next season.

“I really want to kick on and help the club!”

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This Saturday, Redcar Athletic travel to Newcastle Benfield, a side with plenty of football to come between now and the season’s looming end.

A tough game regardless, Blackford commented: “Benfield, is our focus now.”  

“Carl says it, it’s a pride thing. We want to come away from every game, from now until the end of the season, with three points.

“I know with the ability we have in the changing room, we can do that.”


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