Samaritans Teesside help launch new 'Chatty Benches' initiative.

Redcar Athletic are delighted to unveil two new ‘Chatty Benches’ in the FanZone at Green Lane.

The initiative offers fans who may be struggling more than just a place to sit, but a place to spark conversation and social connection, in a world where our mental health and well-being matters more than ever.

Just before Christmas, John Wilberforce caught up with Alison Innerd from Samaritans Teesside – a partner of the football club – and the pair took to the benches to discuss the initiative, including how it would benefit supporters at Green Lane.

John himself commented: “It was a great chance to also hear about some of the wonderful recent work that the Samaritans have been doing locally.”

“Mental Health continues to be a huge challenge locally, with waiting times to get proper support continuing to rise and rise. 

“We understand the “fellowship” that comes with attending a match at Redcar Athletic, and would always encourage all supporters to reach out to anyone who they feel might be struggling.”

Redcar Athletic partnered with Samaritans Teesside in the summer of last year, teaming up to tackle a mental health epidemic in the local area, with sport a fantastic avenue to create positive conversation and spark change.

The club would encourage fans who may be struggling to use the ‘Chatty Benches’ at Green Lane, the power a simple ‘natter’ can hold is paramount to both happiness, and mental well-being.

For more information about the Teesside Samaritans, and how you can support them, please visit 

It’s good to talk.

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