Redcar Athletic are delighted to announce a long-term collaboration with The Football Collective amid its Critical Thinking campaign.

The Football Collective are dedicated network of people bringing critical debate to football, including:

  • Understanding and managing different identities across football
  • Examining and responding to ethical issues in football
  • Understanding and managing all forms of discrimination in football
  • Football’s role in promoting and creating positive social change
  • Global economic and political forces influencing football and social justice
  • Technological and innovative approaches to tackling social injustices
  • Promoting social justice in sustainable and environmental advances in football
  • Examinations of diversity and inclusion in football
  • Transformations in football marketing, media and communication
  • Football events, legacies and sustainable practice
  • Responsible leadership, strategy and stakeholder management in football

Speaking about the partnership, TFC said: “We are made up to announce a long term Football Knowledge Exchange Programme collaboration with Redcar Athletic FC.

“Redcar Athletic are a great community club and we are delighted with this partnership. We think it’s the first of its kind.

“This is a great way for our members to engage and research football clubs, how they operate, and how they work to enhance communities. We also ask our members to offer their skills in supporting the social impact of football in communities. We are looking forward to where this can go.”

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