The Redcar boss details his vision for the next 18-months on the Redcar seafront.

Seven months into an ambivalent season, Carl Jarrett admitted focus must now to shift to next year.

The new boss stressed there is work still to be done, keen to mould the squad in his own image to fight for better success in the new season.

“A new manager, new ideas.” That is the message of Carl Jarrett, whose serious revamp of the squad caused quite a stir across the region in the last few weeks.

The head coach admitted changes were fuelled by his footballing philosophy, seeking out players who are suited to play his style of the beautiful game, and committed to an ambitious cause.

“Obviously, players have come in, in key areas that I wanted to strengthen.” The boss offered.

“Some have gone out on loan, others have just been released, people that I thought weren’t going to fit the style I wanted.

“That’s just football. It’s a new manager, new ideas. Obviously, if I was to stay with everything that was here before, what’s the point in changing.

“It’s about building a squad that’s stronger for us. That is what I want here. I haven’t come here to be messing around, finishing 15th or 16th, where we are now.

“I’ve got to be building this team from now until the end of the season, keeping our confidence high.

“We need to have a good summer, and then to build from there.”

Whilst next season is to be the overarching goal, Jarrett was keen to plead of the current campaign not to be forgone.

The boss admitted plenty of work can be done in the final act, laying foundations for a better campaign come July.

Jarrett said: “What I’m looking for as a manager now, and if you know Carl Jarrett, is we’ve got 17 games left, and I want to win 17 games.”

“But, I’ve got to look at the squad I’ve inherited, there’s certain weaknesses that I feel like I’m going to have to work on quite a lot. That might take a good few weeks.

“This isn’t me trying to swap and change what I have now, it’s me building for next season.

“I’ve got to work with the squad I have got, and I do think there’s enough talent there to be winning a good 80% of games that we’ve got.”

With such in mind, Jarrett was quick to dismiss the claims of a late promotion push, admitting the outside possibility was exactly that.

Still, the Redcar boss was keen to offer his wisdom, pushing that with a better mentality, and more confidence, his side could be in a much more satisfactory position come this time next year.

“Playoffs? I think it’s out of the question. It’s a big ask.

“It’s a big ask considering what’s gone on, and how many points these teams are away from us.

“Still, I’m going to be looking at going forward in the best way we possibly can, and getting us to this place next year.

“I’m trying to implement in the changing rooms the same thing I did at Marske: winning is the be all and end all.

“I’ve said it for years: you can be the prettiest team in the world, like Bishops were last time, but if you don’t win games, or you don’t win titles, there’s no point in being that pretty.”


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