Ferguson to miss three weeks, whilst Chay Liddle returns.

Able to name but 13 players in the weekend’s matchday squad, including a coach and a goalkeeper, injuries have decimated Redcar Athletic as the final run-in looms.

In a post-match interview after Saturday’s 3-0 victory over Tow Law Town, Carl Jarrett confirmed Joe Ferguson as the latest name to add to the injured list, the midfielder victim to an innocuous injury inside fifteen minutes.

Quizzed about the extent of the selection crisis facing his squad, Jarrett admitted the picture was more than bleak, touting the potential to bring a couple of new faces into the group.

“Joe Ferguson? Three weeks.” The boss confirmed.

“Belly is still about two and a half, three weeks. Sparky still three weeks.

“For Wheats, it’s season over, unfortunately, and Leabo, we’re still a little unsure about.

“He’s having an MRI on his back next week.

“We are where we are, there is no hiding that fact. We’ve got to try and look at what we can do on the business side of things, and what we can bring in, whether it’s long term or short term, just to see us through.

“I can only concentrate on what we’ve got at the present minute. We’ve got Chay back for Tuesday, so we’ll have 12 men for that game.

“We’ve just got to keep going through it, we can’t get frustrated by it, as players.

“It frustrates the life out of me as the manager; but I’ll just take that along the way, and we’ll go with what we have to go with on Tuesday.”


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