In the first instalment of Ask the Steelmen 2023/24, we put your questions to fullback, Joe Thompson.

Popular in last season’s matchday programme, Ask the Steelmen is back for the new season.

In this series, we put questions submitted by fans to members of our playing squad, from the wild and wacky, to the serious and intuitive.

Joe Thompson let's fly from range. (Photo: Peter Milburn)

First up for programme editor Ash Stone was Joe Thompson, a left back with a long throw to rival that of Rory Delap.

Scorer of the Steelmen’s first goal this season – and in spectacular fashion – Joe is a regular fixture in the first team, both adept in his defensive role, and in attack.

We asked YOU for your suggestions on how to quiz the fullback, and you delivered, so here’s what Mr Tumnus had to say…

What is your favourite cereal?

Weetabix, zero sugar of course.

Who in the squad would you say is the funniest?

It’s 100% me, but if I’m not allowed to say myself, it’s got to be Joe Ferguson. The blokes not wired up right!

Who would you least like to share a room with?

Jack Norton. His clothes would make me physically ill. He’s nearly 40-years-old and wears Gym King vests…

Thompson in action against Seaham Red Star. (Photo: Trevor Wilkinson)

What is your favourite version of ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’?

The reason for this question is that Gaz says I look like Mr Tumnus, but I’ve never actually seen the film.

Do you prefer Back to the Future 2, or 3?

I’ve never seen any of the Back to the Future films if I’m honest.

Who has the worst hairline, Gary Forster or Gary Wood?

They don’t have a full set between them, but I’d have to say Gaz Wood. Gaz Forster’s hairline isn’t that bad, but the style of it is up there as the worst I’ve seen.

Is it true that you’re a Manchester United fan, and sleep under a Lilo and Stitch duvet?

Nah, I’m a Leeds fan. United are woeful. I’ve got rid of the Lilo and Stitch bedding now, and upgraded to Scooby-Do.

What PSI is in your beach ball?

You don’t put PSI in a beach ball, you blow it up. This is Fergy’s question, and it’s stupid!

Joe Thompson at Green Lane. (Photo: Peter Milburn)

Who is your favourite Disney character?

Sully from Monster’s Inc is a boyo, but Troy Bolton reminds me of myself.

Thomas Whitney asks, if you had control of his wheelchair, who in the squad would you run over first?

I couldn’t choose between Layton Watts and Jack Norton, so I’d love to run over the pair of them with a wheel each!

What is the perfect sausage sandwich, including bread type, method of cooking, and condiments?

Sourdough bread; Lurpack butter; air fried, caramelised onion sausages; and smoked bacon; with ketchup and brown sauce. LOVELY!

Who is your footballing idol?

I grew up with Alan Smith when I was a kid, but when I was a teenager, it was Gareth Bale. He was unbelievable at Spurs.

Finally, who would you nominate to face the wrath of the fans next?

One million percent, Mason McNeill!

You can read every issue of Ask the Steelmen early in our official matchday programme, By the Sea.

If you want to get involved in our next instalment of Ask the Steelmen, keep on eye on our social media channels, and don’t forget to send in your questions when the time comes.


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