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Important News

Jobs in our Local Area

Are you a business looking to find the some local talent to fill a vacancy? Over the coming weeks we are going to be building a whole new section of our website dedicated to showcasing some of the amazing opportunities for employment we have in the area.

If you would like to list a vacancy on our website and have it promoted across our social media channels, simply click the button below and submit your information.

Feel Good News

There’s enough bad news flying around without us telling you about it, too. We’re all about positivity here at Redcar Athletic, and we promise to only deliver feel good news.

The latest and greatest stories of the week can be seen here, but there’s plenty more where that came from. Visit our Good News page to carry on reading.

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Local Economy

What’s the Problem: Lack of entrepreneurship in Redcar and East Cleveland.

What’s our Solution: Initial £100k investment fund into new and/or existing businesses within the Redcar & East Cleveland Region.

Local Environment

What’s the Problem: Lack of funding in place to care for the environment in Redcar and East Cleveland.

What’s our Solution: Creating partnerships in the local area to support the improvement of the environment in Redcar & East Cleveland.

Health & Education

What’s the Problem: Record users of Food Banks and below National average attainment in Maths and English at GCSE level and below.

What’s our Solution: Become the single biggest donator to the Redcar Foodbank. Provide English, Maths and Coding education for every Junior Redcar Athletic membership.

Critical Thinking

The launch of the Football Knowledge Exchange Programme between Redcar Athletic and The Football Collective,.

The partnership will see Researchers and Academics from the Football Collective family have the opportunity to have open and willing access to all facets of the football club.

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