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Why are we campaigning?

Football clubs are amongst the only places you can go to show civic pride about where you are from. Equally, clubs have a responsibility to replicate that responsibility outwards. Clubs that exist solely for the win, loose or draw on a Saturday are an aqueous, benign, symptom of modern western capitalist society.

At Redcar Athletic FC moving forwards, we will better recognise our responsibility to directly and actively improve the lives of people who live close to us, and the places in which they reside and work. It is not enough to simply highlight these issues, in the hope that others will take action on them.

Instead, your football club will both highlight and act upon three key areas that require improvement within the region. it will be the responsibility of the club to call out the issues within each and provide real life, measurable and action based solutions. The three campaign areas we are focusing on are:

Local Economy

What’s the Problem: Lack of entrepreneurship in Redcar and East Cleveland.

What’s our Solution: Initial £100k investment fund into new and/or existing businesses within the Redcar & East Cleveland Region.

Local Environment

Text to follow.

Health & Education

What’s the Problem: Record users of Food Banks and below National average attainment in Maths and English at GCSE level and below.

What’s our Solution: Become the single biggest donator to the Redcar Foodbank. Provide English, Maths and Coding education for every Junior Redcar Athletic membership.

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